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The Watergarden Gallery exhibition


This was my proposal for The Watergarden Gallery exhibition. My submission was not accepted on this occasion, but there are more opportunities on the horizon.

My painting is inspired by peace and soul. Like the founders of Camphill who suffered war, only to transform the experience to a community of love, friendship and spirit. The seasons we undergo through our physical bodies are played out above and under the water, but they whisper tales of a life before and after this life. The body might not be in prime condition, a hand twisted, a leg mutilated, or inflexible fingers. The intellect might be slow, or not able to comprehend social intricacies. The emotions might be turbulent, tough to manage, or delicate; but the spirit, the soul, what ignites life in us is perfect. This is who we really are, not missing anything, not less, not difficult, not a problem, but just our perfect selves seeking an imperfect experience; to ultimately catch that innate perfection anew! The white soul in my painting expresses this, as the human swims in a colourful ‘water garden’ of the sea.

Tools and form: Digital art. A3 rough, grained canvas. Mixed media on ArtRage (a realistic drawpaint-ing program).

Painting title: Soul playing hide-and-seek”

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