Vision Statement

My dream is to enable every human being to fully be who they are, and truly do what they love. I believe if each individual achieves this, our world will transform from an immature, violent, hurtful and sad place to a mesmerizing utopia. Utopia for me is not a pointless fantasy. It is not a fantasy where disagreements are absent, but where they are resolved peacefully, because people empathize with each other. It is a vision that can be created by mature individuals working together to better their environment for themselves, all other living creatures and those who inherit the land after them.

FEMINISM – a gender equal society
My dream is to create a world where gender equality is commonplace. No need to fight for women’s rights because they are not abused anywhere, in any shape, or form. I want to create a world where female is valued, accepted and loved. The genders are so equal in this world, that it does not matter what your gender is; female, male, or beyond these. What a lovely female empowering world this can be!


My dream is for us to be sexually mature. Spiritual maturity does not come when one is stuck in sex. A healthy attitude and practice of sex leads to freedom from the act. We start to enjoy our bodies, but realize we are more than our physical state. It is a shame that so many people equate sex with evil, filth, shame, guilt and ultimately, the villain Eve. Female sexuality is so looked down upon, it is a horror to call ourselves intelligent creatures. I believe how women are treated in a civilization is an exact measure of how mature that civilization is. In our case and around the globe, not mature at all.

My dream is also for all sexualities to be respected and accepted. Why should it matter to anyone if two women sleep together, if a man is kinky, or a teenager asexual? Sexual preferences are so unique, why not celebrate them and respectfully try to understand them if they are so alien to us. The most important components in relationships are respect and love, not gender and sexuality. Empathizing with others is very possible, if we explore, accept, respect and forgive ourselves. I am proud of who I am. Never ashamed, or apologetic. I want to help others feel the same.

My dream is to live peacefully amid nature, for without nature, there is no human. It is the ground that steadies us as we explore; the air that lets us be; the sky that encourages us to dream. How has our mother-father become our foe? We are ungrateful to nature in so many ways. We take nature for granted and instead of celebrating it, we systematically destroy it. As a human, I am ashamed, but hopeful. It is my vision to nurture love between us and nature. To respect what is greater than us and what we are part of.

My dream is to create a world so advanced spiritually, that all that is left for us is fun, laughter and deeper exploration. I do this with others helping me and me helping others. If you want to work with me, please do not hesitate to email me.

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