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Patricia R’s – Energy Healing:

“I approached the healing session with interest, openess and commitment but no great urgency (and it is this disposition which leads to a 3, as opposed to 4 or 5 above: what we get out of an experience being related to what we expect and bring to it) It was a time of very big changes and so, with a genuine wish to include all possible positives in the mix, I arrived at Lica’s door. Experience was as described above. After the healing work, Lica was a most receptive, non-rushed host, in the deepest Nouwenian sense of the word. A follow-up e-mail brought an expansion of Lica’s feedback in the session and this was a source of solace and comfort, diluted of course by native scepticism. Thereafter, I have experienced 1. a greater acceptance of tiredness which has accumulated over years and greater patience with the limitations of each day. 2. being told by a work colleague who hadn’t seen me for ten days “You mustn’t have done a rap – you look thoroughly rested!” and 3. accepting, rather than struggling against tiredness leading to more successful outcomes in practical matters 4. a return of the vivid, blockbuster, revelatory dreams which I always welcome and learn from but which had been absent for quite some time. So, thank you, Lica, for all that! best wishes to you in your healing path ahead patricia.

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