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Jennifer OS’s – Spirit Travel second session:

Spirit Travel.

“A very strange and unexpected journey.
I went to see Lica B Browne about some past life regression. Since my last session involving William and past lives, I was curious to give it ago. I liked the session with Lica, and trusted her. She would not bullshit me. Should you meet Lica, and I highly recommend that you do, you will understand that she does not bullshit anyone. Something happens or it doesn’t. It’s refreshing, and the opposite of what I thought I was in for the first time.

I thought this would be simple enough, but I ended up in a place, a forest, which I thought was an unusual choice for me, as I’m not mad about being out in nature, where I was asking a tree if I’m an angel, and it asking me if I wanted to be. Lica had pondered the idea that I might b the reincarnation of an angel. This may have been the tree of life or something, but it was narky. I managed to intuit that it was there to witness, and it was not going to answer any questions. I met William again in the place around the tree, and learned some more about his presence in my life. He had committed suicide on my watch as his guide (this just gets more confusing), and through my own guilt, I had reincarnated myself and brought him with me. It was something I shouldn’t have done, and I had carried around a lot of guilt about it. Which is funny, because I have always thought I was born feeling guilty. I felt bad and guilty about all sorts of things. Maybe this was the source.

While William and I were having this heart to heart, I got the impression there was a lot of people around us in the forest. It appeared that the tree was not the only one bearing witness here. William forgave me for dragging him back into life when he had clearly wanted to be out of it. But the most important person who forgave me was me. While I was in this place, I met the four year old version of myself. I’m not sure why that age, but she/I was dressed in what my mother used to dress me in: little kilt and jumper combo with knee socks. I met myself as a child. Lica suggested that that might have been the age that the past me, both guide and William entered into the new vessel.

I got the idea, during this visit to this in between world, that I was a person before guide me and William ended up in me. That there was a person born, with their own beginnings, and that the reborn person, or persons in this case, arrive into them, and meld with the born person. I have no idea how on base I am with this, but that’s how it felt the explanation was. I got to say sorry to little me. And little me told me it was ok. I felt that the gathering around us, the witnesses, said everything was ok. I felt a definite sense of closure on something fundamental in my personality, and I doubt very much I would have experienced this relief without the aid of Lica. We talked at length about what happened after the session. Lica is a very detail orientated person, so her questions about my experience demanded that I try to recall as much detail as possible from my experience which made the experience stand out in vivid relief, as something I would never forget. During the whole experience, Lica’s voice and presence worked to keep me grounded, and eventually pull me out. She was understandingly cautious that I might want to stay somewhere. She was with me at every step of the process. It was a very rewarding experience, and I would like to thank Lica for helping me with this. My life is much clearer now”.