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Jennifer OS’s – Energy Healing session:

Energy Healing.

“Having had two sessions with Lica, Lica asked me how I would feel about trying a healing session. Physical healing is something she has been working on for a while, and she was looking for some volunteers. I said of course I will. Lica and I had built up a good relationship during these sessions, and I trusted her. Being the person she is, she expected me to be brutally honest about what happened during this session, and to hold nothing back. I had a head cold at the time, which was spreading down on to my chest. I’m a bad patient, and tend to leave things to the last minute at the best of times. So before I made the inevitable trip to the doctor, I thought I would give Lica a chance to have a go, and see if she could help.

She went through her process of creating the energetic space and calling on some of her various guides to come and help. At first, I was just quite relaxed. I had two previous sessions with Lica, and so relaxing in her presence was not hard to do. I had my eyes closed, and she led me through a series of typical relaxation exercises, which she had also done in the previous sessions. I relaxed my body, and focused on nothing in particular. At some point later, I can’t give the exact time, because time is meaningless during these sessions, I felt a weight shift off my chest, move down my body and exit out through my feet. When I came back to myself, I did feel marginally better. I had gained some relief. My illness, however, was not cured. I would eventually end up going to the doctor. This I also told Lica. She said that it was a great learning experience for her. Something definitely happened during the session, but it wasn’t a cure. It was an interesting experience, as I had never done something like that before. Lica is an explorer, so I assume she is still trying to find a way to help people in any way she can. Thank you Lica!”.