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Anthony OL’s – Energy Healing session:

“After 2 years working with a physiotherapist on muscular unbalance issues my recovery had plateaued and I was suffering constant discomfort and frequent pain.
Although I had always been dubious about energy healing I started to explore the idea and I was fortunate enough to meet Lica.

From the first meeting I could feel her energy and after each session, I felt instant improvement. The pain became less regular and I frequently went days without discomfort.

I continued working with my physiotherapist who was impressed by my new progress. I was able to increase the frequency and intensity of my workouts and took on exercises which were previously beyond me.

As well as the physical recovery I was surprised by the improvement in my general emotional state and I saw huge improvements in my work rate and home life with friends commenting on how happy and energetic I seemed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Lica to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and passionate healer”.