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Services, Products and who is this woman?


My name is Lica B Browne and I am A Creative, Inventor and Entrepreneur. I use creativity in all its forms to heal and teach. My focus is to help humankind become aware, mature and loving. My art is crafted digitally on ArtRage using mixed media.

I have a lot of original and beautiful things to offer you personally, or as gifts for your family, friends and colleagues. But who am I? Okay I surrender! My Mission Statement and original name are hidden under the contact form.


 Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel:

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Exclusive Commission piece:

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Personal Energy Healing painting, to heal you through shape and colour:

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Looking for an award winning warrior character actor for your film, email or message me below:

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Looking for a professional, experienced , creative and friendly life drawing model, email or message me below:

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All these products and more to come on my online shop:

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It would be nice if we had a fairer system then money, but till that comes, please support me in doing what I love and changing our world for the better. Thank you.  Wishing Well (Donate & Patron Subscribe).

How I create my art

»» Contact me now on the below form. I am looking forward to sharing my creativity with you! And why not, sign up to my newsletter on the upper right, or bottom of the page.


 Mission Statement.

Creative+Creative=♥ I love collaboration, so if you are a creative in any medium, like what I stand for and what I do, contact me to start the ball rolling on something terrific.

 Why do I have the word ‘meeting’ before my second name? I have it because it is the meaning of my first name. Lica is not an English name, but an Arabic one. My father is Libyan and my mother Irish. The meaning of the name in Arabic is when two people or things meet (لقاء). I am happy my parents chose this name for me, as I like how it sounds and how it is written. Yay!

Lica B Browne
A Creative, Inventor and Entrepreneur.
A: Dublin, Ireland

NB: I am no longer on Facebook.

Imagine title: Infinite Human. And why be anything less!

I am nice. Take me with you...
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