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Product painting was a documentation from a group Energy Healing session on 27-10-17. To see more of my Energy Healing documentation, check the link below.




Healing and self-exploration come in many forms. Medical care, counselling, healthy diet, exercise and why not, Energy Healing and Spirit Travel. Drawn to holistic healing for many years now, I have experienced it and ventured to practice it; in addition I also enjoy documenting it. Energy Healing can help you with a number of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. Spirit Travel is about exploring yourself better and answering those big whys. My holistic healing is also suitable for those who have fully explored the medical avenue and are open for something other.

My service is on a donation bases. If you want an art piece documenting what happened in your Energy Healing session (what I saw), it is €10 for a digital painting.

Healing our energy and spirit selves is vital to balance, ground and mature ourselves. I have a deep desire to help, and I hope I can help you today. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel Client Testimonials.


Why do I do this?

From my birth helping others has been a deep-seated purpose for me. I was not an unselfish being, but I always had foresight and sensitivity to know that an individual needs to change a wrong, so it cannot be passed on to others. I have stood up for what I believe in and like many who did, it was challenging. My destiny has brought me to clearer paths of service, exploration and enjoyment. I am grateful for this, as I continue to overcome this journey’s trials.

Though a Lightworker I see no contradiction between spirituality and science, for they both seek the mysteries of life in different ways. I love science, so I enjoy applying some of its methodology to my Energy Healing and Spirit Travel, specifically regards the documentation, which allows me to deeply examine what I do. In all this, my central aim is to help people help themselves: be who they truly are and do what they truly love!

My Energy Healing is about using subtle energy to heal the client’s soul, emotional, intellect and physical ailments. I use my own energy and my soul’s energy to heal. I also work with my guides and various other healing entities; some work on the clients, others on the space and some do both. My main tool of energy transfer is the palms of my hands and I use my heart chakra at times. I move my hands, body and breathing to also facilitate the movement of energy. I create geometric and curved energy structures to furthermore aid the healing.

Like Energy Healing Spirit Travel is based on our energy structure. Also that we are energy beings in a physical body. The client is active in this form of healing, as they journey into the spirit realm. My role is to guide, protect and witness their journey. In their altered state of consciousness I ensure they keep progressing through the journey and at the end I gently bring them out of it (NB: I am not a professional hypnotist and what I do is not hypnosis).

I am eager to use my abilities to help others and learn more about my craft.

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9 reviews for Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel

  1. Lica B Browne

    Anthony OL’s testimonial about his Energy Healing session:
    “After 2 years working with a physiotherapist on muscular unbalance issues my recovery had plateaued and I was suffering constant discomfort and frequent pain.
    Although I had always been dubious about energy healing I started to explore the idea and I was fortunate enough to meet Lica.

    From the first meeting I could feel her energy and after each session, I felt instant improvement. The pain became less regular and I frequently went days without discomfort.

    I continued working with my physiotherapist who was impressed by my new progress. I was able to increase the frequency and intensity of my workouts and took on exercises which were previously beyond me.

    As well as the physical recovery I was surprised by the improvement in my general emotional state and I saw huge improvements in my work rate and home life with friends commenting on how happy and energetic I seemed.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend Lica to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and passionate healer”.

  2. Lica B Browne

    Claire F’s testimonial about her Energy Healing session:
    “It was extremely relaxing. I felt quite ‘in the moment’.

    Did any physical pain you suffered from ease during the session?
    Headache disappeared

    Out of a scale of 5, how would you rate the energy healing session?

  3. Lica B Browne

    Jennifer OS’s testimonial about her Energy Healing session:
    “Having had two sessions with Lica, Lica asked me how I would feel about trying a healing session. Physical healing is something she has been working on for a while, and she was looking for some volunteers. I said of course I will. Lica and I had built up a good relationship during these sessions, and I trusted her. Being the person she is, she expected me to be brutally honest about what happened during this session, and to hold nothing back. I had a head cold at the time, which was spreading down on to my chest. I’m a bad patient, and tend to leave things to the last minute at the best of times. So before I made the inevitable trip to the doctor, I thought I would give Lica a chance to have a go, and see if she could help.

    She went through her process of creating the energetic space and calling on some of her various guides to come and help. At first, I was just quite relaxed. I had two previous sessions with Lica, and so relaxing in her presence was not hard to do. I had my eyes closed, and she led me through a series of typical relaxation exercises, which she had also done in the previous sessions. I relaxed my body, and focused on nothing in particular. At some point later, I can’t give the exact time, because time is meaningless during these sessions, I felt a weight shift off my chest, move down my body and exit out through my feet. When I came back to myself, I did feel marginally better. I had gained some relief. My illness, however, was not cured. I would eventually end up going to the doctor. This I also told Lica. She said that it was a great learning experience for her. Something definitely happened during the session, but it wasn’t a cure. It was an interesting experience, as I had never done something like that before. Lica is an explorer, so I assume she is still trying to find a way to help people in any way she can. Thank you Lica!”.

  4. Lica B Browne

    Jennifer OS’s testimonial about her Spirit Travel first session:
    “Getting in contact with a guide of sorts.
    Lica B Browne helped me with a metaphysical problem I was having for years, but had only begun to recognise. I want to preface the next few hundred words by saying that I do not have gender dysphoria, nor am I trans. It will become clearer in a few moments what I mean by that.

    I have had ongoing issues wondering if I was from this century. Ever since I was a child, I had wondered if I was older than I appeared to be, which led to some issues behaving as a child, and on occasions, scaring my mother. I had also wondered if I was a boy. I felt more like what I thought a boy would feel like, and was not at all attracted to stereotypical girl things. Now, I know I was a tomboy at heart, and that’s something I have never grown out of, which I not unhappy about. I am who I am, and I’m comfortable with that.

    Yet it something remained as I grew older. I would always love things that were attributable to male sensibilities, but it felt like I was two people. I felt I was carrying someone around in my head. Sometimes, I would head for the gents instead of the ladies, and would picture in my head how I was going to use a urinal. Which is ridiculous. While it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to use a urinal, I had never used one, and had no reason to ever use one. It was a strange thing. It felt like sometimes, I had put on a man suit, and I was going to be a man today. That’s just one small example. There were others. I had gotten used to it. It was strange, but so much a part of my life, I had stopped questioning it.

    Until I was in my early thirties, I began to wonder at this is a somewhat serious way. I wondered if I was indeed carrying someone around with me. In my own way, I began to question my own thoughts. I had taken up meditation, which causes a lot of issues to arise, and had been through some rather harsh life experiences, for which meditation was helping me cope. I came to what was going on with me. I had never questioned that I was woman. I have never wanted to change my sex, and yet sometimes, I felt like a man, maybe walking down the street. I am reasonably androgynous in appearance, and was used to some confusion, but then again, this world is what it is, and other people are never looking at you, just certain indicators.

    I approached Lica about getting in touch with my guides. I had come to the conclusion that my life was a bit directionless and I had this other in my head, and I wanted to sort it out. I thought, if I’m not mad, and this thing is real, then I’m not entirely sure a counsellor or psychiatrist could help me with this. I feared judgement, and the automatic labelling of something I am not. It was a nuanced issues, and I needed a nuances, judgement free solution. I have attended counselling for other issues, so I knew that I could get help for other problems I was having, but I felt this needed a different mind-set. A different approach from the mainstream.

    Little did I know what would happen. While ostensibly, Lica was helping me with getting in contact with my guides, what happened is I got in contact with the man, yes, the man, in my head. His name is William, and he was who I was in a past life. During the session with Lica, which must have taken place a year ago by now, I met the person I was. During that session, information poured into my head about past lives and lineages of people and an aspect of universal design. I’m still unpacking a lot of it. Lica was by my side guiding me through the experience the whole time. She allowed for the space to be created where William and I could communicate. I was able to talk to him, and allowed him to apologise for being inside me for so long. To make a long story short, he had gotten stuck in there. Freewill allows for mistakes, apparently. In another session, a good while later with Lica, I would learn more about this. At this time, it was a relief to have some understanding of the issue. I managed to release him out of my psyche. I have a funny sort of distant relationship with him now. He is sort of a guide, and there are still some echoes of him in my mind. But a space has been cleared, thanks to Lica, for me to get on with a lot of things. I had not realised how much space William had taken up.

    This is not something I could have done by myself. I needed help. Not just help, but someone who would believe me, believe that the world is not what it appears to be. Someone who would also sit down with me and help me process this metaphysical problem. We spoke at length after the session about what happened, which was just as helpful as the session itself, in my opinion. Lica is a very comforting presence, very capable, and fearless in her approach to what she does. I can’t thank her enough for her help, and the help she continued to give”.

  5. Lica B Browne

    Jennifer OS’s testimonial about her Spirit Travel second session:
    “A very strange and unexpected journey.
    I went to see Lica B Browne about some past life regression. Since my last session involving William and past lives, I was curious to give it ago. I liked the session with Lica, and trusted her. She would not bullshit me. Should you meet Lica, and I highly recommend that you do, you will understand that she does not bullshit anyone. Something happens or it doesn’t. It’s refreshing, and the opposite of what I thought I was in for the first time.

    I thought this would be simple enough, but I ended up in a place, a forest, which I thought was an unusual choice for me, as I’m not mad about being out in nature, where I was asking a tree if I’m an angel, and it asking me if I wanted to be. Lica had pondered the idea that I might b the reincarnation of an angel. This may have been the tree of life or something, but it was narky. I managed to intuit that it was there to witness, and it was not going to answer any questions. I met William again in the place around the tree, and learned some more about his presence in my life. He had committed suicide on my watch as his guide (this just gets more confusing), and through my own guilt, I had reincarnated myself and brought him with me. It was something I shouldn’t have done, and I had carried around a lot of guilt about it. Which is funny, because I have always thought I was born feeling guilty. I felt bad and guilty about all sorts of things. Maybe this was the source.

    While William and I were having this heart to heart, I got the impression there was a lot of people around us in the forest. It appeared that the tree was not the only one bearing witness here. William forgave me for dragging him back into life when he had clearly wanted to be out of it. But the most important person who forgave me was me. While I was in this place, I met the four year old version of myself. I’m not sure why that age, but she/I was dressed in what my mother used to dress me in: little kilt and jumper combo with knee socks. I met myself as a child. Lica suggested that that might have been the age that the past me, both guide and William entered into the new vessel.

    I got the idea, during this visit to this in between world, that I was a person before guide me and William ended up in me. That there was a person born, with their own beginnings, and that the reborn person, or persons in this case, arrive into them, and meld with the born person. I have no idea how on base I am with this, but that’s how it felt the explanation was. I got to say sorry to little me. And little me told me it was ok. I felt that the gathering around us, the witnesses, said everything was ok. I felt a definite sense of closure on something fundamental in my personality, and I doubt very much I would have experienced this relief without the aid of Lica. We talked at length about what happened after the session. Lica is a very detail orientated person, so her questions about my experience demanded that I try to recall as much detail as possible from my experience which made the experience stand out in vivid relief, as something I would never forget. During the whole experience, Lica’s voice and presence worked to keep me grounded, and eventually pull me out. She was understandingly cautious that I might want to stay somewhere. She was with me at every step of the process. It was a very rewarding experience, and I would like to thank Lica for helping me with this. My life is much clearer now”.

  6. Lica B Browne

    Tony OL’s testimonial on Energy Healing:
    “Out of a scale of 5, how would you rate the Energy Healing session?
    They said, 5.

    Would you recommend my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel to others?
    They said, Yes.

    The session with Lica was a huge help. I would definitely recommend here to friends”.

  7. Lica B Browne

    Patricia R’s testimonial on Energy Healing:
    “Out of a scale of 5, how would you rate the Energy Healing session?
    They said, 3.

    Would you recommend my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel to others?
    They said, Yes.

    I approached the healing session with interest, openess and commitment but no great urgency (and it is this disposition which leads to a 3, as opposed to 4 or 5 above: what we get out of an experience being related to what we expect and bring to it) It was a time of very big changes and so, with a genuine wish to include all possible positives in the mix, I arrived at Lica’s door. Experience was as described above. After the healing work, Lica was a most receptive, non-rushed host, in the deepest Nouwenian sense of the word. A follow-up e-mail brought an expansion of Lica’s feedback in the session and this was a source of solace and comfort, diluted of course by native scepticism. Thereafter, I have experienced 1. a greater acceptance of tiredness which has accumulated over years and greater patience with the limitations of each day. 2. being told by a work colleague who hadn’t seen me for ten days “You mustn’t have done a rap – you look thoroughly rested!” and 3. accepting, rather than struggling against tiredness leading to more successful outcomes in practical matters 4. a return of the vivid, blockbuster, revelatory dreams which I always welcome and learn from but which had been absent for quite some time. So, thank you, Lica, for all that! best wishes to you in your healing path ahead patricia”.

  8. Lica B Browne

    Rachel Q’s testimonial on Energy Healing:
    “Out of a scale of 5, how would you rate the Energy Healing session?
    They said: 5/5.

    Would you recommend my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel to others?
    They said: Yes.

    Any feedback on how I conducted the healing (the good and what needs improving)?
    I didn’t know what to expect and it was very comfortable”.

  9. Lica B Browne

    Simon G’s testimonial on Energy Healing:
    “Describe all symptoms you felt during the Energy Healing?
    I felt at ease and a strong feeling of staying still and relaxed.

    Describe all symptoms you felt after the Energy Healing?
    Felt upbeat and more focus.

    Out of a scale of 5, how would you rate the Energy Healing session?
    They said: 5/5.

    Would you recommend my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel to others?
    They said: Yes.

    Any feedback on how I conducted the healing (the good and what needs improving)?
    “No improvement needed. I got a lot out of the session”.

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