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SPACE Paintings


Below are my SPACE paintings. They are currently on exhibition in Mish Mash, 66 Capel St, Dublin 1, Ireland. They will be up for the whole month of April, then they will be exhibited in Outhouse, also on Capel St and The Helix in DCU. I will put up a dedicated post when the exhibition is on in both of these locations.

All the paintings are up for sale – €20 per painting.

Tools and form: A4 basic drawing and watercolour paper. Mixed media on ArtRage. A4 black frames.

Titles of the paintings are in order from left to right:

A crow in space
Back to source
Coming down
Dark night
Lazing about
No one
Orange sun
Our sun dying
Red shooting stars
The explosion
Infinite human

My promise, the printed SPACE art will not be reprinted as a framed picture. Thus each piece bought is uniquely yours!

Topic of the exhibition is below the pictures.

Now, must go see SPACE . . .



























Space, the stars and silence are all aspects of the same childhood longing. Was it simply imagination gone wild, or snippets of my origins? I do not know. What I do know is that I longed for a place I was unaware of consciously, but when I browsed the photographs in an astronomy book, I strongly felt it; yes this is it, this is what I am longing for.

Knowing what I yearned for was part of the puzzle, but being able to soothe the yearning was another part. The latter is how the space paintings came about. The idea was first introduced to me via an Egyptian tomb with stars carved all over it. The stars, though simple child-like carvings, looked so real. As I stood there gazing at the tomb, it was like I was gazing at a clear starry night, that mesmerized me into a dreamy daze.

But still the last part of the puzzle remains. Why the stars, why me and who am I? The eternal question all humans seek. From painting the space images though I have learned two things:
1)    Continue to seek.
2)    But enjoy the journey.

Universal regards.

I am nice. Take me with you…

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I am on the radio people. Yes the R A D I O


I want to extend special thanks to the kind folk at Dublin South FM (93.9). I was interviewed by Mel and Thandi regarding my SPACE art in Mish Mash cafe (Outhouse in May and June 2016; and The Helix DCU in June and July 2016) and about pursuing my career as a writer, healer, inventor, and meditation coach (to name a few). Also about how dreams can become a reality. Yes indeedy, I am chasing this dragon…

Click below to visit the station’s website:

Psst, I am the one on the left. Shaved head and red jumper.



I am nice. Take me with you…