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Online shop terms and conditions, and Energy Healing & Spirit Travel Disclaimer:

1) If you desire any of my products or services, but cannot afford them: low wage, unemployed, student or senior citizen, please contact me and we can arrange something.

2) One art<>One owner Guarantee
This guarantees that each drawpaint-ing will only be printed once. What you own is going to be the only physical copy out there. Watermarked digital copies will be used to showcase my art and promote my services.

3) Price includes packaging and postage unless otherwise stated, or product is digital.

4) Products are shipped from Dublin, Ireland.

5) You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, except if a product is subscription based.

6) With certain products, if you are interested in a different painting size, canvas material and/or professional framing, you will need to contact me to arrange this and the price will increase from the original value.

7) Once I receive your order payment, I will contact you regards shipping.

8) Cash payment, though always an option in my online shop, is not accepted as a payment, unless stated in the ‘product short description’ which is placed under the product’s title.

9) No refunds are given, but credit will be held for you to purchase another product or service, if you have changed your mind. In some cases and it will be clearly stated, no refund is given and credit cannot be transferred.

10) I will do my very best to wrap the products securely, but I am not responsible for post/courier staff mishandling the goods.

11) Payment is in euro or the equivalent of that in your currency.

12) By booking an appointment for my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel, you consent to their Disclaimer:

I am not a doctor or a counsellor. I have not studied energy healing or conscious hypnosis and I do not follow a particular healing school. I see myself as a natural healer responding to her calling and duty.

I will never instruct you to stop/stop seeking professional medical care, medication, counselling, and any other professional service you are receiving/wanting to receive. Your decision to discontinue or not seek a professional service is yours alone.

I have successfully completed an Occupational First Aid course, but I have not practised first aid, hence in practice, I would be of minimal help; that minimum being calling the emergency services.

I do not have public liability insurance, but hope to get it in the future and if I can find an insurance company that covers holistic therapies.

I will not take responsibility for your life, only you can and must do that. I am here in my capacity as a healer to help you along the way and not take over. In the end, you heal yourself and if you are not ready and willing, no amount of healing will help.

Any decisions you make after a healing session/s are your decisions alone. My intention and practice at all times is to help you help yourself.

Patients are informed at the start of the Energy Healing & Spirit Travel sessions that they can communicate their discomfort, so I can adjust my healing, or stop it all together if they want.

I take my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel seriously (in a light-hearted way). I am clear about my physical and spiritual boundaries. I demand the same from my guides and the varied healing entities I work with. If something does not feel right to me, or my protective guides indicate so, I stop it immediately. The patients’ wellbeing and safety is my first priority, always.
* I conduct my own healing in combinations with my guides and many healing entities that are specialized in healing.
* Respect, healthy boundaries and honest communications for me apply both to humans and spiritual beings.

My Energy Healing is not a controlled method of healing. It changes from one session to another, and from one patient to another. Definite results cannot be expected or demanded, however, in 99% of cases an immediate effect is felt and a cumulative improvement is also experienced.

Energy Healing can make your physical pains more painful, but that does not last. I am unsure why this happens, but from a general healing perspective things can get slightly turbulent before they settle/heal.

My Energy Healing can bring up past and/or suppressed emotions or memories. Healing helps cleanse patients and this could be why this happens. Patients are also in an open and relaxed state which allows their being (body-mind-spirit) to calibrate and bring up what needs release and examination.

Patients might experience mystical phenomenon and I cannot tell what will be experienced, how strong and when. My advice is not to get attached to any of these experiences; mentally note them down and settle back to the relaxed state. At the end of the healing, I give patients an opportunity to share and I can also share what I experienced.

Neither my Energy Healing or Spirit Travel render patients in a hypnotic state. Patients, though relaxed to differing depths, are always conscious and able to talk and or move. Spirit Travel works by guiding patients into a very relaxed state, but they are always able to talk and move if they need to.
* Energy Healing & Spirit Travel are different healing methods. In the first one I heal, in the second one the clients go on a spirit journey and verbalise what they experience. Ultimately Spirit Travel is an active healing method.

When I heal I enter into a conscious trance. I move around the patient and move my hands and body to heal. I can also change my breathing to facilitate particular parts of the healing. My hands are both off and on the patient’s body. When I move around I can touch a client accidentally. I always explain to clients how I heal and if they mind touch, if they do, I do not touch. In general, if I am doing something you are uncomfortable with, the emphasis is on you to express this, so I can alter my healing or cease it if need be.

13) I will never share or sell your personal information received via my online shop (WooCommerce), MailChimp/Newsletter, or Gmail with anyone else.

13B) GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation May 25th 2018):

To comply with the GDPR you are notified when I add you to my Gmail mailing list. I will never add you to my MailChimp Newsletter without your prior consent. You can unsubscribe from my Gmail mailing list via emailing me; and from my MailChimp newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of the newsletter. You also have the right to:

Demand a copy of all the data I have about you.

Demand any errors in your data be corrected.

Request the removal of all your personal data.

Please note that the services I use: WordPress, WooCommerce (my online shop), WordPress  and WooCommerce plugins, Gmail and MailChimp all have their own data protection and privacy T&C.

If you have any concern regards my use of your data, please do not hesitate to contact me (below).

More information on the GDPR:


Thank you for purchasing from me, your custom is deeply valued.

Lica B Browne is A Creative, Inventor and Entrepreneur. Her art is crafted digitally on ArtRage using mixed media. She uses creativity in all its forms to heal and teach. Her focus is to help humankind become aware, mature and loving.

A: Dublin, Ireland

Any queries or comments, please contact me below.

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