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My first commission


My first commission is complete. My patron is as happy as I. The painting is made up of a traditional Arabic Tunisian door, Toulouse’s university symbol (the squares), the Toulouse river (Garonne) and finally the colours of Toulouse (the Pink City). All hold personal meaning for my friend.

Tools and form: 60 x 80cm rough canvas. Mixed media on ArtRage.

It was remarked upon, that the middle white part looks like an Irish tower, so Ireland has also ‘unconsciously’ been included.

Patricia G’s testimony:
This is the first painting, painted for me. My friend Lica B Browne did it. I asked her a few months ago to do something for me. To my surprise, she personalised it. The painting is made up of a traditional Arabic Tunisian door (my mum was born over there), and Toulouse’s symbols ( I was born there). The Toulouse river ( la Garonne), Toulouse’s university symbol ( the squares but also the famous Capitole square, and of course the colours which remind one of the famous colour of the town! ( The Pink City). She unconsciously added an Irish symbol ( the white round tower) which is a perfect wink for a tour guide as I am here in Ireland and my bonds to this country!! Just one word! HAPPY!


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