“For some, modelling is just a job, for me it’s an opportunity to grow and lift the whole room up with me!”*.

My name is *Lica B Browne and I am full-time professional and experienced life drawing model. I model in many well-known art colleges and smaller art classes in Dublin. I am available to model for art classes and individual professional artists in a studio setting (individual artists subject to in person vetting). I am punctual, quick to reply to your availability queries and an employee of the CDETB Group (City of Dublin Education & Training Board).

Modelling for me is a love affair and a continues forward momentum of creativity, skill and experimentation. I have developed a few interesting techniques and more to come. In addition I continue to practice my Zen meditation and energy healing for those in the art class.

Some of the feedback my clients have given me:
“Great, creative poses”
“You’re very still”
“Lovely symmetric face to draw”
“You’re a very good model”
“Best model I’ve seen in years”

If you are in need of a model, please contact me. As an artist I love art and delight in the company of artists!

For life drawing models who are reading this, I also run the only ‘Life Drawing Models Ireland’ Facebook group. I would love you to join. Please fill in the three questions to verify you are genuinely a life drawing model.

Thank you.







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