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“For some, modelling is just a job, for me it’s an opportunity to grow and lift the whole room up with me!”*.

My name is *Lica B Browne and I am a part-time professional and experienced life drawing model. I model/ed in many well-known art colleges and smaller art classes in Dublin. I am available to model for art classes and individual professional and amateur artists (individual artists subject to in person vetting). I am swift in replying to availability queries.

Modelling for me is gratifying and a continues forward momentum of creativity, skill and experimentation. I have developed rope modelling, geometric poses and I continue to exceed boundaries and experiment. In addition I continue to practice my meditation and energy healing for those in the art class.

Some of the feedback my clients: teachers and students have given me:
“Great, creative poses”
“You’re very still”
“Lovely symmetric face to draw”
“You’re a very good model”
“Best model I’ve seen in years”


1) I was the main actor in Tracker a short film by Alan Daly, which featured in the March On Film festival June 2018. I won best actress award and the film also won best cinematography award. The film was about a lone warrior in the end of times seeking to save Sami, a child she knows. Eventually she does save him, or does she?

Link to film will be posted, as soon as March on film post it.

2) I was also an extra in Skin Hunger a graduate film by students of Dún Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design and Technology. The film is about lack of touch in the 21st century, due to technology dominating our lives.

If you are seeking a model or a character actor, I am just around the corner, excitedly waiting.

Thank you.







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