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How I create my art


I want to share with you how I produce my unique art. I am a digital artist and the software I use is called ArtRage  4/5. It is a realistic drawing/painting program. In the same way as using physical tools, I have an array of paper types and canvasses to choose from. No artist is functional without pencils and varied paint tools. ArtRage has them all and they behave exactly like the physical tools do, down to the realistic detail of how they interact with a particular paper type, or the need to clean a watercolour brush of old colour.

I have ArtRage on three hardware devices; Lenovo 17 inch touch-screen laptop with Windows 8.1, iPad Air 2 and iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.5. I use them all to draw-paint.

I am a big believer in a good start followed by a great end, so every piece of art is only printed once. Yes, what you have in your hands is a unique piece. This is my professional promise: One art<>One owner Guarantee.

Thank you for buying my art and supporting a local artist!

You can read more about ArtRage, the amazingly realistic art program at:


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