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‘Hope Perhaps’ my Critical Bastards Magazine submission


Below is my image and its description for the Critical Bastards Magazine submission. I was not successful on this occasion.

‘Hope Perhaps’ is a painting about the hope we suspend in front of ourselves. The reason we do whatever we do. Life, a turbulent ocean, is dark and scary. We cannot make sense of it; cannot control its endless events; cannot find security in its forever changes. So we hope. We gather our energy for a reason, a purpose, or a mission. We tell others the stories we made up. Each time we tell them, we believe them more. However, where does the truth lie?

Is life made up of hope, or is hope a human-made phenomenon? Is life neutral? Is it cool about good and bad? Are we the most intelligently needy creatures of the universe? What scares us the most is nothing; the void; silence; facing ourselves. Perhaps we do not need hope, but an intimate feeling of ourselves, so we may blend into the ocean of life. Ride its waves. Become its fish. A colourful coral reef even. Maybe living or dying is the same. Evidently they are, for existence enjoys life and death in all its forms, and what are we but existence in one of its forms!

‘Hope Perhaps’ is a woman caught in the throes of sadness, fear and anger. Life for her is erratic. She is cocooned, alone and disconnected. She judges her aliveness. Does she want to live anymore? She is drowning in her demanding emotions. Only two ways to go: escape or self-exploration.  What will she choose? What would you choose?

Medium / materials: Digital art. Width 211 x Height 412mm, Concrete Canvas. Mixed media on ArtRage (a realistic drawpaint-ing program).

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