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The Healing Eggs (Art – Story – Art therapy)


“Area 7 of all its resident eggs [are] not a shameful anomaly.”

Robot MC0A7 was assigned to flush Area 7 of all its resident eggs. The Keepers discarded them as unfit future citizens of their species. ‘If an egg cannot dedicate its healing power solely towards its own, what point is there of its existence’, they believe, but I do not. A being that is able not only to heal its own, but others, is a being of wonder, not a shameful anomaly.

“I need your help [to] nourish the eggs to adulthood “

I have spent half a year developing a machine that can help them, but for it to work I need your help too. My machine €toM-G is sufficiently able to convert your €s to Milky-goo that will nourish the eggs to adulthood. Not only that, but your DNA imprint on the €s you give will mix with the infant, encouraging it to heal its imprinted caretaker, you. Similar to filial imprinting in birds, the egg creature regards you as its patient – the person to love and heal.

I am indebted to you for helping them!!

No one could help me, so all the eggs died…

I am nice. Take me with you...
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