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Energy Healing


Since birth I sought truth. Initially, I thought there was one version. As I matured I discovered truth has many faces – all true, all right. I effortlessly made the connection between being who I am (living my truth) and Truth. Doing what I love however has been a struggle for me. I lived through a lot of sadness, agitation, anger and despair. Now I live through hope, clarity, determination, focus, adventure, happiness and a little impatience that brings on sadness and a longing for my dream.

Since birth I was also attracted to heal and share/teach. However how to do both was unclear. Through the years I have tried various healing methods and other spiritual practices. Now I share/teach through my art, writing and music. Healing is through my Energy Healing via art and music (I will also offer Energy Healing and Spirit Journey one to one and group sessions in 2018).

My method of Energy Healing is based on all of life made up of energy. Quantum physics is the scientific branch that explores this. Spirituality and the spiritual aspects of religions embrace this too. The law of attraction/vibration and the other universal laws are this. We change our life by changing our thoughts, because we are the one energy; the one being.

My Energy Healing is unique to me. With it, I heal emotional and soul issues. I do not follow other schools because I am very creative, and having my own method contains this mass of creativity. I also find the creative process exciting and energizing.
I am a responsible energy healer. I approach energy healing and spirituality in a practical and objective manner. For me, science and spirituality complement each other. I also shield, ground and heal myself on a regular basis.
In all this, my central aim is to help people help themselves: be who they truly are and do what they truly love!

Client Testimonies: –
1) Anthony O L says – “After 2 years working with a physiotherapist on muscular unbalance issues my recovery had plateaued and I was suffering constant discomfort and frequent pain.
Although I had always been dubious about energy healing I started to explore the idea and I was fortunate enough to meet Lica.

From the first meeting I could feel her energy and after each session, I felt instant improvement.  The pain became less regular and I frequently went days without discomfort.

I continued working with my physiotherapist who was impressed by my new progress. I was able to increase the frequency and intensity of my workouts and took on exercises which were previously beyond me.

As well as the physical recovery I was surprised by the improvement in my general emotional state and I saw huge improvements in my work rate and home life with friends commenting on how happy and energetic I seemed.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Lica to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and passionate healer.”

2) Claire F says – “Describe how the energy healing experience was for you, the good, the bad and your feedback?
It was extremely relaxing. I felt quite ‘in the moment’.

Did any physical pain you suffered from ease during the session?
Headache disappeared

Out of a scale of 5, how would you rate the energy healing session?

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