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Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel Questions and Answers


Below are a number of frequently asked questions and answers regards my Energy Healing and Spirit Travel. If you have a questions that are not listed, please feel free to contact me:  Thank you.

NB: by booking an appointment for my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel, you consent to their Disclaimer.

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Energy Healing & Spirit Travel:

I am an atheist (agnostic). I only believe in science, not subtle energy, souls, spiritual entities, etc. Can I still undergo and benefit from the Energy Healing and Spirit Travel?

You do not need to believe. All you need is an open heart-mind towards what I do, a will to heal yourself and a desire to grow as a person.

Spirit Travel:

What have previous clients felt during and after the Spirit Travel?

Clients reported that they were: physically relaxed. Emotionally engaged. A full experience. And forever changed.

Do you record the Spirit Travels session?

Not at the moment, but I might in the future.

How long will the Spirit Travel session last?

The Spirit Travel plus chatting before and after lasts between 1-2 hours. The Spirit Travel itself is between 40-1 hour. My intuition guides me on when to stop the healing, or if a client needs other healing sessions.

Energy Healing:

What can the Energy Healing help heal?

It can help with soul, emotional, intellect and physical issues. I set my intentions to heal and do the best healing session I can, but I do not know what you will experience and I cannot guarantee healing results.

Can the Energy Healing replace medical care?

No. Energy Healing is part of a balanced life, that includes medical care, counselling, good diet, exercise, etc.

How long will the Energy Healing session last?

The healing plus chatting before and after lasts between 1-2 hours. The Energy Healing itself is between 20-30 minutes. My intuition guides me on when to stop the healing, or if a client needs other healing sessions.

What do you chat about before and after the session?

Clients are not obliged to chat. They can simply answer my questions and do not need to share their experience after the healing. Most people enjoy the sharing of experiences and being able to talk in depth about life’s challenges and delights. Before the session I chat with the clients about their past experience of energy healing, what they want to heal and any other related issues they want to discuss. After the session I chat with the clients about their experience of the healing, I share my experience of healing them and we usually talk about life and their place in it.

How do you observe the Energy Healing session?

I see the Energy Healing session in my mind’s eye. My physical eyes are usually open, but they can be closed. What I see also comes across through other senses: touch and sound. Finally emotions and receiving thoughts are part of the observation.

You mentioned you heal with your hands, do you place your hands on the clients?

My hands are on and off the clients. Mostly off, but I can also touch. I always ask the clients if they mind me touching them and if they do not want to be touched in any particular areas. Private areas are never touched. When I heal I move around the client with my eyes closed and only open them to become aware of my location, at times I can touch off the client by mistake.

What have previous clients felt during and after the Energy Healing?

Clients reported that they had a: a physical experience. Very relaxed. Tingling. Heat from my hands, or pressure. Pressure on their body, but my hands are not there; or strong pressure, but my hands are lightly on them. Felt an object on them, when there was nothing there. Saw images. Old memories related to a current issue came up. Physical pain eased. And brief physical discomfort after the session.

How many Energy Healing session do you recommend a client to take?

It is up to you. If I feel or get instruction that you would benefit from more, I will let you know.

Can I contact you after the healing if things come up?

Yes, I offer after care, but not extended after care. I would recommend if you benefited from the healing and it left a big impact on you, to try another session that might give you more value and a deeper understanding. You can also try Spirit Travel for a more conscious healing experience.

Why do you work with so many healing entities?

I do not know. I did not plan this. I want to heal and I heal through my own being and with them. I would say I have agreed to be a channel for them in this life, which involves inviting them to heal and creating the space for them. Nevertheless, I am grateful to work with them. Without their help, my healing would be limited. Healing our planet and its people is not a one person’s job.

How would you describe your relationship with these various entities?

I view my relationship with them as an equal partnership. We are colleagues in a manner of speaking, each with their given role. I monitor their work in the healing session and if I am uncomfortable with something, I ask them to stop or leave, and I can also close the session. I manage the healing space and everything that goes on in it. My power is in my good intention and clear boundaries.

Since you are a creative person, are you not just creating these healing structures and healing entities?

No; because I am creative, I know the difference between what I create and what I observe. Many of the Energy Healing Structures are not something I would think of. The same can be said about the healing entities. How they look and operate are not forms and movements I would create. For example the Mud Entity, not something I would think of at all. The Thunder & Lighting Entities heal in a super energetic way that is not comfortable to me, hence I would not make it up. If I add something that I have not seen, but was compelled to include when painting the entities, I include it in the documentation notes and such a rare occurrence will be investigated further, as to why I added bits (Black Turtle is an example).

You mentioned that you use Energy Healing Structures in your art, what are these?

Energy Healing Structures are what I used at the start in my one to one healing sessions. I still use them in person and group healing sessions, but they are not my main method. In my healing art however they are the whole painting. The art piece is charged with healing energy, that works on the viewer to heal specific soul, emotional, intellect and physical ailment/s.

See examples of the structures here.

Why do you use crystals?

Crystals have their own energy properties, which I use to support my needs in the healing session. For example a crystal that helps one connect to their higher self, is useful in supporting the client in Spirit Travel. A crystal that helps ground a client, is useful in Energy Healing if the client is anxious.

Are you religious?

I am not religious. I am spiritual, but not one sided or dogmatic. I completely accept that what I believe can be totally false. With some beliefs, I seek proof, not necessarily physical, but definite and clear.

Energy Healing Session Recording and Documentation Image:

Why do you document the healing sessions?

Initially I started to document the healing sessions to learn my craft better, but when I started doing group healing sessions, what happened in the healing space became fascinating, abundant and multilayered. Add to the mix the various healing entities that worked with me; what they looked like, how they healed and why they healed. My scientific mind wanted a system to capture all this healing diversity. Something in me also stated that I have to share this, not only because it was rich material, but because its rightful place was out there for others to read and view.

I had so much information that documenting it became a real challenge. I have decided to start with a list of all the beings I work with, how they heal and two examples of a group healing sessions.

Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel Documentation.

Moreover I wanted to offer my clients a piece of art that documents their session/s. I felt it was interesting, new, a reminder and a motivator for them on their individual healing/growth path.

Do I need to buy the voice recording and or documentation image?

No. It is completely optional.

Can I buy the voice recording and or documentation image at a later stage?

Yes. I voice record every healing session for myself and from these recordings, I can produce the voice recording and or documentation image at any time after the healing.

Is the voice recording and or documentation image unique to me?

Yes. The voice recording and or painting only documents what happened in your session.

Do you document absolutely everything that took place in Energy Healing session?

I document what I remember, as many times after a healing I do not remember everything I did. I do not know why this happens and I think some things are personal to the client and are not meant to be remembered or recorded. If I am instructed not to reveal certain information to the client, I will not. Besides these two, I document everything.

What is the format of the voice recording and or documentation image?

The voice recording is an MP3 file.

One digital image A4 size for €10.

One printed image A4 size, framed for €50. You will need to contact me to arrange this option.

One printed image A4 size, professionally framed for a €100. You will need to contact me to arrange this option.

Is the Spirit Travel also documented?

No. The Spirit Travel is an experience unique to the individual. What they experience is theirs and not mine.

How do you create the documentation image (or your documentation pictures in general)?

It is painted using mixed media, digitally via ArtRage (a realistic drawpaint-ing program).

Mixed questions:

Do I need to fill the feedback form and testimony?

No, but I would really appreciate if you do. It helps me study my healing and build my service.

Does your Energy Healing and Spirit Travel follow a particular school/method?

No. I do not want to follow any school/method. My healing is unique to me, which gives me the freedom and creativity to dive deeper into it.

What Energy Healing and internal journeying have you studied as a practitioner and experienced as a client?

I learned Reiki one and two, but it was not for me. I experienced life between lives and past lives conscious hypnosis. I also experienced Reiki healing, general Energy Healing and Bio-Energy Healing.

Do you have a first aid certificate?

Yes, I have an Occupational First Aid QQI Accredited (Distinction) from Irish Red Cross Dublin, completed on December 2016. However I have not practiced my qualification.

Do you have public liability insurance?

I previously had public liability insurance through Keystone brokers ( Upon renewal they advised me that the insurance company that covered me, changed its underwriters and they do not insure what I do anymore. I am currently looking for a new insurer.


What is your fee?

€50 per session. €30 per session for OAP (pensioners), STU (students), and UNEMP (unemployed). €10 extra for voice recording and or a digital painting documenting your healing session (even if healing is free or donation based). See ‘Energy Healing Session Recording and Documentation Image’ section for detailed information on the session’s documentation. If you are drawn to my healing, but cannot afford it, please contact me so I can enable you to pay via donation (I honour my duty to heal and help others).

Why do you charge at all for Energy Healing, is it spiritual to do so?

I see no badness in offering a spiritual service for a fee. I also have to live and get rewarded for my efforts. I do not agree with inflated prices for any service/product. I also do not like when no reduced fee is offered for those who cannot afford one’s service/product, especially spiritual services. I believe if a person is drawn to you, it is not a coincidence, thus a healer must make an effort to meet them in the middle.

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