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Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel Documentation


Here I will share with you the exciting documentation of the Healing Energy and Spirit Travel sessions I conducted on various clients. Below is an example of a group healing session that took place on 27-10-17. The image painted by me, shows what happened in the session. As a taster I also included two Energy Healing entities that I work with, to more of the entities I work with, click the below link – once on the document, please allow the images a few seconds to show:

Energy Healing Entities (EHE) Documentation.

I found the below books fascinating as they documented their spiritual work in scientific detail. Like them I knew I had current knowledge to add to the pool, in the hope that humans will wholly mature as a species, before it is too late!

Michael Newton: Journey of souls and Destiny of souls (two books).
Dolores Cannon: Any of her books where clients are hypnotized and tell their stories.
Paddy McMahon: The grand design 1 to 5.
Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook by Robert Bruce.
Hands Of Light by Barbara Ann Brennan.

NB: by booking an appointment for my Energy Healing & Spirit Travel, you consent to their Disclaimer.

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1) The room.
2) Healing Angels from the Healing Realm. They are always a group. Mostly surround the room. They heal via their yellow-orange form and the songs they sing together.
3) Playful Entities. Small colourful entities that play around the room. They bring light hearted and joyful energy.
4) Source Angel. Brings healing source energy from above. Always in the shape of a funnel and in this healing it extends as it reaches the ground.
5) Arthur Yogi. My guide who heals via geometric shapes. This one extends from its main part (dark lines) expanding star like cluster forms in a pulse like movements. Most pulses only expand one cluster of stars, but sometimes two would come out at the same time in different areas.
6) My-Angel (yellow). It moves around the room to heal, but it mostly stays connected to me and heals. It can also enhance my own healing. It can simultaneously heal me and others.

My-Angel, first image and Healing Angels from the Healing Realm, second image:

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