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Producing and DJ-ing


Dance music, especially 90s dance music is a genre I have enjoyed listening to as I went about my day, or painted. I was really taken by the positive messages in 90s dance tunes (love, negatives of drugs, sexual health, etc.). I also badly played some musical instruments in my childhood and as an adult wanted to learn the harmonica (I like blues) and flute, but never got to it.

With dance music, I initially wanted to create 90s feminist dance tunes, but when I got into my Energy Structure healing, I wanted to integrate this with music and create a new dance scene. Theory is a start, but practice is the decisive judge. This is why I decided to risk it and do a DJ course. I had to know if I take to music to make this happen. The triumphant answer is yes. I love the course and I will create my original dance music (not necessary 90s genre anymore).

Now I am learning to play and mix others’ music, but after this five-week course, I will learn to make dance music. It will be a long journey until I create what I want, but I have taken the first step.

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