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Contact improvisation


The three paintings below were inspired from my contact improvisation dance experience. Basically it is a form of dance with heavy physical contact, no music and moving with the rhythm of oneself and the other/s. It is a powerful and freeing experience to has such physical contact with strangers. I loved it!

What is contact improvisation, Wikipedia?

Fun facts and Give me that: painted digitally on iPad Pro 2 via ArtRage | mixed media | Art for sale: digital €20, €50 printed & framed | printed & professional frame, please email me:

You can also view my Crow paintings.

One art<>One owner Guarantee
This guarantees that each drawpaint-ing will only be printed once. What you own is going to be the only physical copy out there. Watermarked digital copies will be used to showcase my art and promote my services.

Titles in order:
Contact improvise 1,2 and 3.

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