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March On Film 2018 Award


Let me tell you a story, about the story of a female warrior set to save Sami, a boy she knows, or does she. She travelled flat lands, forests and snow to find him, to save him, or was it just to save herself. – Tracker by Alan Daly.

Wow, I won best actress award and Alan won best cinematography award. Two awards! I am so happy, I did not expect this.

Thank you March on film and my friend Alan.

The film is not online yet. I will post it as soon as it is up. You can check what March on film is about at:


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University Hospital Waterford exhibition


This was my proposal for ‘WHAT and Permanent TSB’s submissions for University Hospital Waterford 2017, that aim to make the hospital A Better Place for patients’, My submission was not accepted on this occasion. One completed and more to try. If you are drawn to these images, I am doing individualised commission pieces. Email me for more information (

My six Energy Healing Structure paintings have been specially created for University Hospital Waterford, with the purpose of healing various body parts from head to soul.

Energy Healing Structures are structures I form to heal. The forms come to me in a meditative state and are drawn in that same state. The shapes and colours are drawn in a particular way to promote healing. The background of all of the images except the ‘Healing the soul’ image is a collection of symbols (white pencil) that power up the painting with healing energy.

The grounding idea of my Energy Healing Structures is that all life is energy. Dense energy, for instance, becomes matter, and light energy is soul, though no one can say for sure. These paintings are energy expressed as matter, and created with the pure intention to heal; because we are all made of energy, the art creates a space for the patient to heal and heal they self. Quantum physics is making magnificent discoveries regarding energy and our unlimited potential. The Stone Circles are also a great example of physical objects that have spiritual/energetic practices. The examples of people who change their beliefs in order to transform their reality are astonishing.

Digital art. A3, candy wrapper paper. Mixed media on ArtRage (a realistic drawpaint-ing program).

Painting title in order (left to right):
Healing arms & hands
Healing the legs & feet
Healing the head (Sold*)

Tony OL’s testimony:
“I just received the 2 paintings I purchased recently and I had to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I am with them (thanks for the quick delivery BTW).

The paintings look even better in real life than on the site and your choice of frames was absolutely perfect. I’m a big fan of your style and I’m really happy to have the chance to own two of your pieces. I’m already getting compliments on my good taste from friends and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from some of them soon.

Although they are both very special I’m especially pleased with the personalized energy healing structure you created. It seems every time I look at it I see something new and love it a little more. To have such a unique piece of art in my home is something very special and I feel a very strong connection with it. I’m sure it will bring me pleasure for many years to come.

Keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to seeing your new collection and as soon as I can free up some wall space I’ll be back for more. Best Regards”

Healing the upper chest
Healing the lower chest
Healing the soul”

Click here to discover more about Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel.

*♥One art<>One owner Guarantee
This guarantees that each drawpaint-ing will only be printed once. What you own is going to be the only physical copy out there. Watermarked digital copies will be used to showcase my art and promote my services.