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Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel


From my birth helping others has been a deep-seated purpose for me. I was not an unselfish being, but I always had foresight and sensitivity to know that an individual needs to change a wrong, so it cannot be passed on to others. I have stood up for what I believe in and like many who did, it was challenging. My destiny has brought me to clearer paths of service, exploration and enjoyment. I am grateful for this, as I continue to overcome this journey’s trials.

Though a Lightworker I see no contradiction between spirituality and science, for they both seek the mysteries of life in different ways. I love science, so I enjoy applying some of its methodology to my Energy Healing and Spirit Travel, specifically regards the documentation, which allows me to deeply examine what I do. In all this, my central aim is to help people help themselves: be who they truly are and do what they truly love!

My Energy Healing is about using subtle energy to heal the client’s soul, emotional, intellect and physical ailments. I use my own energy and my soul’s energy to heal. I also work with my guides and various other healing entities; some work on the clients, others on the space and some do both. My main tool of energy transfer is the palms of my hands and I use my heart chakra at times. I move my hands, body and breathing to also facilitate the movement of energy. I create geometric and curved energy structures to furthermore aid the healing.

Like Energy Healing Spirit Travel is based on our energy structure. Also that we are energy beings in a physical body. The client is active in this form of healing, as they journey into the spirit realm. My role is to guide, protect and witness their journey. In their altered state of consciousness I ensure they keep progressing through the journey and at the end I gently bring them out of it (NB: I am not a professional hypnotist and what I do is not hypnosis).

If you are interested and drawn to my healing, please do not hesitate to book a session (donation based):

Book Lica B Browne’s Energy Healing and Spirit Travel.

I am eager to use my abilities to help others and learn more about my craft.

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Producing and DJ-ing


Dance music, especially 90s dance music is a genre I have enjoyed listening to as I went about my day, or painted. I was really taken by the positive messages in 90s dance tunes (love, negatives of drugs, sexual health, etc.). I also badly played some musical instruments in my childhood and as an adult wanted to learn the harmonica (I like blues) and flute, but never got to it.

With dance music, I initially wanted to create 90s feminist dance tunes, but when I got into my Energy Structure healing, I wanted to integrate this with music and create a new dance scene. Theory is a start, but practice is the decisive judge. This is why I decided to risk it and do a DJ course. I had to know if I take to music to make this happen. The triumphant answer is yes. I love the course and I will create my original dance music (not necessary 90s genre anymore).

Now I am learning to play and mix others’ music, but after this five-week course, I will learn to make dance music. It will be a long journey until I create what I want, but I have taken the first step.