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Experiment – Shaping the external reality via the internal one


I listen to a lot of motivational talks and books about how one can shape their external reality to mirror the internal reality they want. In other words, I can create the life I desire by disciplining my thoughts to focus just on what I want. No negative internal chatter, self-doubt, etc. Naturally, practical actions toward the goal are needed, which I already do. Henceforth for this experiment, the focus is just on utterly changing my thoughts/beliefs/attitudes for one month, to see if the internal change reflects outside.

Shaping the external reality via the internal one. The external reality I want is to make a living doing what I love ASAP.

Experiment start/end date:
For the whole month of March.

I will report my experience and findings on a weekly basis.

Week 1 (1-11 March 18): since March started on Thursday, I combined the four days with the following week. This time period has been a choppy eleven days for me. I have mostly stayed focused on what I want, namely that (1) I will achieve my career in one way or another; (2) Somehow I will achieve the €40K income target for this year; (3) The doors that are closed for me will open and people who view me as less will soon know me as distinguished.

I cannot say that my internal positive focus has manifested in a noticeable way. There have been small opportunities that might be the current result of the internal shaping the external, or they could be my past hard work paying off. These opportunities are: (1) Applying for a role which if successful, would ensure that I reach my €40K 2018 target. (2) Being part of two films that might open new possibilities for me in the near future. (3) Starting to explore scriptwriting as a prospect to sell my creative stories. (4) My modelling rope dance performance has mostly taken its first shape; I have support to practice it in front of an audience; I also have help to document it, to market it to various venues; (5) A number of exploratory activities I am doing are spilling into the modelling rope dance performance, shaping it into its finished form.

Overall I maintained my internal thoughts/attitudes in the direction I want. The outcome is lukewarm regards the internal vision manifesting.

This week I will try to mould my internal thoughts/attitudes more, with the hope of a stronger change in my physical reality.

Till next week.


Week 2 (12-25 March 18): I was not able to post my report on Sunday 18th, hence I am combining two weeks. At some point I realised I needed to know what I wanted to manifest for the week. I picked three or four small things, but I did not focus on them during the week. None of them came through, but something else did. I was thinking about getting into photography more and out of the blue, I got a foot in the door photography opportunity.

General observations and thoughts: I have been brainstorming for a long time about how to increase my money and connect with people of influence. I try out various projects and stay ready for surprise opportunities. Two activities that are alien to me, winked at me, I followed and now continue to develop them. They both have a high potential to earn me the income I want and connect me with the people I seek. I am curious to see where this river leads. I have also noticed a connection between being meditative, loosely desiring something and manifestation. I have had this experience many times with small things, however, big wishes come with strong emotions, but if a meditative state can manifest small things, surely it can manifest big things too. Still working on this puzzle.

A week is too short to observe the external world manifesting the internal. A two week period and an analysis at the end of the month is ideal. Therefore I will end this experiment for now and resume it another time, probably this year.

Thank you for reading and why not try it yourself.

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