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Before the Big Bang there was a male God

I am discontinuing this comic. I will be creating a general, humorous comic titled: Vampire and Finger.

This is a comic series addressing gender inequality, with the good intention of making both women and men more aware and active regarding this age-old issue. I would like to warn the audience that the comic is very crude and direct. The reason being is that I want to tackle the root of the problem and expose its persistent ignorance in our present time. Furthermore clearing both the individual and collective psyches requires us to face our darkest, ugliest shadows. There are a few points I need to make clear should any misunderstandings arise:

I am addressing ignorant ideas wherever they reside and not religion or its followers.

Gender inequality for me affects both women and men, but my focus is on women. I am not excluding or blaming men (except ignorant men).

I believe men can be feminist and even more so than women.

I am aware of the need for women to be more active and to work together, hence the comedy to encourage this.

I do not believe in female supremacy. I want a gender equal society.

My goal is for women and men to work together. We both have much to offer and instead of focusing on our biological differences, we can learn to appreciate them and together heal our planet. It is in desperate need of a mature humanity!

Finally, I hope that this comic will encourage you to take any small action that you can to equalise our world. Staying silent in the face of sexism towards women or men keeps the world ignorant for more centuries to come. We are destroying our planet because we cannot love ourselves, our sisters, or our brothers. You can change this! Start with yourself and your immediate environment. Small actions make a world of a difference for you and generations to come.

Tools and form: 54.2 x 29.1mm watercolour paper. Mixed media on ArtRage.

NB: click on image to enlarge it.

Comic strip

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