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Services, Products and who is this woman?


My name is Lica B Browne and I am an Entrepreneur: Artist, Writer, DJ, Healer and Teacher. My art is crafted digitally on ArtRage using mixed media. I use both art and writing to heal and teach in the areas of soul, feminism, sexuality, nature and cooperation. My focus is to help humankind become aware, mature and loving.

I have a lot of original and beautiful things to offer you personally, or as gifts for your family, friends and colleagues. But who am I? Okay I surrender! My Mission Statement and original name are hidden under the contact form.


Lica B Browne’s Meditation Workout. This is where we make you sweat like a honourable mindfulness learner:

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Exclusive Commission piece:

~~ Samples ~~

 Custom Visual Autobiography. Your unique life story in a painting/drawing.

Personal Energy Healing painting, to heal you through shape and colour:

~~ Samples ~~

I will also offer Energy Healing and Spirit Journey one to one and group sessions in 2018.

All these products and more to come on my online shop:

~~ Online Shop ~~


It would be nice if we had a fairer system then money, but till that comes, please support me in doing what I love and changing our world for the better. As Tesco say ‘Every Little Helps’ and I say ‘Every Little Helps in titanic ways’. Thank you.  Wishing Well (Donate & Patron Subscribe).

»» Contact me now on the below form. I am looking forward to sharing my creativity with you! And why not, sign up to my newsletter on the upper right, or bottom of the page.


 Mission Statement.

Creative+Creative=♥ I love collaboration, so if you are a creative in any medium, like what I stand for and what I do, contact me to start the ball rolling on something terrific.

 Why do I have the word ‘meeting’ before my second name? I have it because it is the meaning of my first name. Lica is not an English name, but an Arabic one. My father is Libyan and my mother Irish. The meaning of the name in Arabic is when two people or things meet (لقاء). I am happy my parents chose this name for me, as I like how it sounds and how it is written. Yay!

Lica B Browne
Entrepreneur: Artist, Writer, DJ, Healer and Teacher.
FB: Lica B Browne
A: Dublin, Ireland

Imagine title: Infinite Human. And why be anything less!

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Micro Business Awards 2018


I had the honour of being the photographer for the Micro Business Awards 2018. This was my first event photography gig and it was interesting and nice being the photographer among people as they socialize. You are in the position of being able to freely observe people and they in turn see you as part of the background. It is fascinating what a tool does. I enjoyed myself. Thank you Ruairi and Shyryl for having me.

Check the photos here:

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Lica B Browne’s Meditation Workout April

Workout 2 > Sunday 22nd April 18 National Botanic Gardens 11 – 1pm.

This is where we make you sweat like a honourable mindfulness learner.

1 No hiding behind closed doors.
2 Meditation group games & art therapy.
3 Smack bang in the middle of life’s hustle and bustle (2 hours in a pub, a library, a gallery, you get the idea).
4 No practice mysteries. We meditate, discuss, meditate and on we go.

Only 5 spots left. Buddha Said: “Told U a 100 times! It’s 2 Workouts. Book now.”

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Can I Cross the boundaries of contact improvise?

The monster explorer, trapped behind bars of adult hesitation. So many maybes, so few yeses. Life mutilated on its knees to the false gods of money and I don’t have time.

Moments of happy connection, are they a herd of the specific place and time of 6:30-9pm. Or are they accurately observed, true behind the door and outside it.

When you look at me, there’s a world I want to give you. So many explorations, innovations, really leaving your body and flying to the stars. I want to show you the monster explorer, to pull you into my world, but should I cross the boundaries of contact improvise to touch you?

It’s just a damn moment and I hold back the monster. Look away, breathe out, or touch harder but not too hard – softer but not too soft. Can I not reveal what is creature and what is creator. Can I not show you how haunted I am to unite with the whole through its parts. I’m a soul stuck in a human body. I’m a slave stuck in an obnoxious human world.

In moving moments of connection, strength, excitement and anger. I pull you, push you, but what I really want is to move through you. To explore you, seeking me inside you. Dripping desire, aggression, death and enlightenment, your dripping sweat and quick breath, but a sign of the supernatural world around and inside us.

Can I cross the boundaries of contact improvise to be what I am, slowly undressing your persona? I’m endlessly curious to know what’s inside, because your true face is the face of the creator.

“Contact improvisation is a form of improvised dancing that has been developing internationally since 1972. Contact improvisation involves the exploration from one’s body to the next by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, being kinetically aware and finding a point of contact between you and your partner(s). American dancer and choreographer Steve Paxton had first conceived and presented this form of movement and has impacted how dancers and people view movement by a large factor.”

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Commission Sold


I sold my February commission. Fantastic to sell my work again and make my customer happy!

The commission like all commissioned paintings went through a number of drafts. The finial painting is of white light that journeys through a prism, creating a world of colour, circular dancing, and Arabic heritage hidden behind a Vaile.

If you too fancy a commission for your bedroom, sitting room, hell even your toilet, email me. I am happy to point my creative energy your way!

Patricia G’s testimony: “Here is my new painting I commissioned to Lica B Browne. Opposite to the first one I wanted an abstract painting. Lica can listen to me carefully in what I wanted and she got it straight away. She showed me the different steps of the painting and that I like it .She was very concerned on what I wanted. Thank you Lica”.

Second draft (below) – accepted.

Mixed media digital art on ArtRage (a realistic drawpaint-ing program); A3 framed.

First draft (dark) and Third draft (falling colour).


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